A Message from Our President

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We are pleased to welcome you to Leon Medical Centers Health Plans.

Thank you for your interest in Leon Medical Centers Health Plans and for taking the time to visit our website.

In 2005 Leon Medical Centers Health Plans was established to bring greater coordination to the care that Leon Medical Centers patients receive. In order to consolidate our services and provide integrated care, we created an exclusive relationship between Leon Medical Centers, our healthcare provider, and Leon Medical Centers Health Plans, a health management organization with a Medicare Advantage contract.

At Leon Medical Centers Health Plans we believe in providing members with everything they need to be healthy. Benefits are part of the equation, as is a physician network comprised of qualified and dedicated primary care physicians and specialists that are innately attuned to the unique needs of the Medicare patients we serve.

This institution is built on the principles of tradition and family values to ensure that our members receive the best care, offering each the personal attention and compassion that they deserve. It is what distinguishes this institution from other HMOs and what creates an atmosphere of respect, empathy and kindness that contributes to our members’ happiness and overall well-being.

I invite you to visit us at Leon Medical Centers’ 7 convenient locations throughout Miami-Dade County and to learn more about who we are and the benefits and services we have to offer.

Thank you again. 

Henry Hernandez